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Instrument Rental

A Sharp Music Method Inc.  offers a limited number of instruments and music accessories for rent to students and teachers of our company.  Some instruments are also offered with an option to purchase using a portion of your rental fees after a certain number of payments.

Every rental is completed by filling in a Instrument Rental Agreement for.  Delivery arrangements are made directly with the office.   Payment for instrument rentals is only accepted by credit cards or checks by the Electronic Funds Transfer.

Call 1-888-4DO-Ra-Mi for information regarding availability of instruments and costs and terms.

Music Accessories

Violins and violas 
Cost to rent:  $25 per month Deposit - $50   Minimum number of months of rental = 2
Violins can be exchange for a larger or smaller size with no change in rental agreement. 

Violas – none available at this time
 ¼ size  - none available
½ size  - available
¾ size  - available
Full size  - available







Acoustic guitars are available for rent in full size.
Cost to rent:  $25 per month     Deposit - $50   Minimum number of months of rental = 2
Acoustic Guitars – 2 available
Click here to rent a guitar



Availability and cost:    
Yamaha  42” inch – black and shiny  Rental cost = $62 per month.  Delivery = $50.  Minimum amount of time to rent – 2 months.   Deposit - $250.00 
Rental cost = $30 per month.  Delivery = $50.   Minimum amount of time to rent – 2 months.  
Deposit - $150.00 

Pianos can be rented with the option to purchase.  12 months of rental payments can be use toward the purchase of the piano  once you have rented the piano for 13 consecutive months. 

Woodwind Instruments  

Cost to rent:   $45 per month Deposit  - $90.00

Hand drums  
Cost to rent:  From $7 per month through to $20 per month depending on the hand drums.
Deposit -  2 month’s rental cost.  Minimum number of months of rental = none
2 small sets available $7.00 per month.




Available on request.  Please reserve 72 hours before the event.
Music Stands, Microphones and Microphone Stands and Amps are rented for events and special occasions.   These items are rented out by the day. 





Music Stands -  10 available.  Can be rented for $2 per 24 hours. 

AMPS – depending on the AMP these are rented for $10 through $50 per 24 hour period. 

Microphones and Stands – are rented together for $10 per day. 



























































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